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Why IceBath

  • Naturally Derived

  • Promotes Cooling Naturally

  • Safe if accidentally ingested



Our new Cooling Body Wash and Brace is the perfect after event cool down. We feature a crisp clean smell with no added fragrances or dyes. This aromatic Body Wash features natural ingredients that, research shows, helps stimulate blood flow to relieve soreness and inflammation while cleansing the coat of dirt and sweat at the same time. Our proprietary IceBath blend is infused with Aloe and Arnica to ensure it helps sooth your horse’s skin and muscles. We also included great ingredients like Cedarwood Rosemary Eucalyptus and Thyme in our blend for a well rounded and natural approach to cooling your horse down. Our proprietary mineral blend from our original products is also included in Ice Bath for enhanced muscle relaxation. A powerful, easy to use spray system wash and rinse at the turn of a switch! Attached nozzle connects directly to your horse

IceBath Body Wash & Brace by Draw it Out® Ready to Use 32 oz.

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