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Utilizing the same circulation-increasing Far Infrared Compression fabric as the XLR8 G-Force BootXLR8 Cryo Boots are the easiest way to ice the lower limb. Simply zip, fill and recover. Use after work to cool the leg and increase circulation, ensuring the entire leg cools quickly. Indispensable for use after tendon/ligament injury when wrapping and ice is needed, or when ice is prescribed several times daily. Can be used as compression boot without ice as well.


Benefits of XLR8 Cryo Boots

If you notice swelling or inflammation in the horse’s legs, then your horse can benefit significantly from cold treatment, or cryotherapy from the XLR8 ice boot. All competitive equines experience stress to the critical structures of the legs, but with regular maintenance, we can mitigate injuries and help reduce downtime. 


XLR8 Cryo Boots are not like a traditional ice boot. This ice boot is designed to reduce inflammation while maintaining blood flow and adequate lymphatic return. This is useful to deal with arthritic joints, windpuffs, stocking up, and pain after exercise, especially when stalled or hauling.


Cold Therapy After Exercise

The internal structures of a horse's leg can reach surprising temperatures during strenuous exercise. This is the reason it is recommended to remove splint boots or polo wraps from your horse’s legs immediately after work, but we can use equine ice boots to help after work. Cold therapy for these tissues helps them retain their elasticity and helps prevent injury in the horse leg. For this reason, cold therapy is a crucial part of your horse’s leg care and routine maintenance.


The ice never contacts the horse’s leg directly – the internal compression layer serves as a barrier to prevent ice burn during ice treatments. As the ice melts, the cold water encases the entire leg from the knee or hock to the foot, cooling it evenly and effectively. The compression speeds blood through the legs and prevents the buildup of fluid.


Our XLR8 Cryo boot is an ice boot that is made to be quick and easy to use, without the need for ice packs or gel pouches.

XLR8 Cryo Boot

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  • After work, simply zip the ice boots on and secure around the horse’s leg with the top band. Fill the pockets with ice, and leave your horse standing tied. This can be easily done within your daily schedule. When riding multiple horses, simply ice the first's legs while riding the next horse, then rotate. Since the compression fabric is breathable, it will not trap heat after the ice has melted.

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